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Udergraduate Admission in UAE


Al Dar University College offers a wide array of scholarships and discount schemes to financially support students in their education. The Scholarship Program consists of the following:

  • Governmental Employee Discount
  • High School Merit Scholarship
  • Academic Distinction Scholarship
  • Sibling Discount
  • Financial Aid

General Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the Scholarship Program, students should:

  • Meet ADUC’s Undergraduate Admissions Criteria
  • Study as a full time basis as per the selected Program Study Plan

General Rules and Regulations
  • Students should carry a full load of 15 academic credit hours per semester (Fall, and Spring)
  • The Program does not cover fees such as Admissions fees, General Services’ fees, Late Registration fine, Official letters' fees, Visa fees, transportation, books purchase or any other related fees

High School Merit Scholarship

High school students with outstanding graduation percentages are eligible for scholarship as per below brackets

High School Average Coverage
Greater than or Equal to 97% 50%
Between 93% and 96.99% 25%
Between 85% and 92.99% 15%

Students, in this category, are not entitled to other discounts and/or scholarships. Students are expected to maintain a CGPA of 3.7 or above by the end of each semester. The Scholarship does not cover the repetition of any course previously registered at ADUC. Changes in program (major) may result in student loss of the Scholarship.

Academic Distinction Scholarship

Outstanding students enrolled at Al Dar University College in various programs can apply for scholarships if they maintain a CGPA of 3.7 or above. A scholarship of 15% is awarded on a semester basis and subject to maintaining the required CGPA.

The scholarship is only offered in Fall and Spring Semesters. Students are not entitled to other discounts and/or scholarships. Students should not receive grade (I) and grades below C during the concerned semester. Changes in program (major) may result in student loss of the scholarship.

Sibling Discount

Students who have sibling and/or spouse enrolled at Al Dar University College are eligible for 10% waiver of tuition fees. Eligible students, in this category, are entitled to other discount and scholarship schemes, if eligible.

Governmental Employee Discount

Students employed by local/federal government entities are entitled to a 15% waiver of their tuition fees.

Financial Aid

Al Dar University College offers partial financial aid to students in financial need. The Financial Aid Program is awarded to eligible full-time students who demonstrate a financial need through relevant supporting documents. Application forms may be obtained from the Office of Student Services. Selection is made based on need and academic performance. The College Council will send the list of eligible students to registration.